How To Clean A Microwave As Fast As Humanly Possible

October 19, 2023

Whenever we do a walk through with a prospective commercial cleaning account, we always pay attention to the microwaves.


Well, nobody wants to cook their food in a microwave that looks like it barely survived the most recent Zombie Apocalypse.  And when microwaves are not cleaned on a routine basis, that’s exactly what they look like – ancient food splatters everywhere, crumbs and debris hiding beneath the rotating tray, a horrible, miserable calamity of unhealthy microbes.

The shocking truth about microwaves is this – microwaves in a busy office or warehouse setting need to be cleaned daily.  If you clean a microwave every day, it takes a few seconds.

And if you use one simple trick, the cleaning goes quickly.

  1. Spray the inside of the microwave with water.  Soak it, make sure you get the ceiling.  Everyone always forgets the ceiling!
  2. Shut the door and turn the nuking unit on for 30 seconds.  The water molecules in the food splatters and debris heat up and the microwave is then easily wiped and sanitized.

Pro-Tip? Just use water. Don’t get cute and use disinfectant or bubbly blue stuff. Water is simple, straightforward and won’t leave any harmful residues.

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